The Walks

The Commonwealth Walkway connects every nation and territory in the Commonwealth. It is designed to link and interpret local heritage, engage people in their shared history and tradition, promote the Commonwealth principles and values of diversity, equality and friendship.

It is within reach of a third of the world’s population, 60% of who are under 30 years old. Everyone deserves a safe, easy to access place to walk and we hope that this unifying path encourages more everyday walking to benefit the quality of life and well-being of every citizen.

Please share your photos and stories to enrich the guides. If you are local and want to adopt one of the walks, why not sign-up as a Walkway Ranger to help us keep an eye on the route and make sure its looked after? and if the medal is still to be installed, to formally mark the point of significance, do get in touch to ask about sponsorship opportunities.

Enjoy the Walk!