Wickersley Platinum Jubilee Walkway

Residents of Wickersley Parish in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, have been inspired by our network of Commonwealth Walkways and set too on developing their own in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

Anna Chester at Winthrop Gardens Wickersley Village

The Wickersley Platinum Jubilee Walkway is 7km long (4.35 miles). Each kilometre of the walk represents one of the 7 decades of the Queen’s reign. The circular route, starting and finishing at Winthrop Gardens, takes in many of the key landmarks in Wickersley and is a great way for visitors and local residents alike to learn more about the village of Wickersley.

Launching the walk will be 70 walkers – one for each year of the Queen’s reign. The 70 people who will launch the walk will walk in a variety of interpretations of ‘patriotic dress’! The walkers very much reflect the communities of Winthrop Gardens and Wickersley and will include – the ‘Winthrop Wednesday Walkers, led by walk leader Elizabeth Harwood who has played a key role in curating this walk; Winthrop volunteers several of whom will be acting as walk leaders; local politicians including John Healey MP and several Wickersley Parish Councillors led by Chair, Cllr John Barber; Rev Peter Hughes and members of the St Albans Church congregation; walkers from Winthrop user groups ‘Rotherham Sight and Sound’ and ‘Rotherham Shared Lives’ andcustomers and friends of Winthrop including walkers from Rotherham Metro Ramblers, Ravenfield WI and Wickersley Ladies.

Said Jim Walker, Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Walkways Trust after his visit to Wickersley to ‘Walk the Walk’ and endorse the work done locally in curating the walk.

“The walk around Wickersley provides a wonderful insight into Yorkshire village life. Threading together the places where locals, for centuries, have farmed, quarried, worshiped and socialised, the heart of Wickersley benefits from a belt of accessible woodlands and open fields with far reaching views to the Peak District. But the ‘Jewel in the Crown’, that makes this particular village walk so distinctive and compelling, is the one- acre of tranquillity at Winthrop Community Gardens where there is a warm welcome for every visitor. People have long known about the mental and physical health benefits of going for a walk but somehow the benefits go deeper and last longer after an amble around the Wickersley Platinum Jubilee Walkway – as long as there’s a moment to sit and enjoy a cuppa down at Winthrop.”

Said John Barber, Chair of Wickersley Parish Council, “The Winthrop volunteers who have curated this walk have done a fantastic job to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It’s also great news for Wickersley that this is one of just two such walks in the UK to mark this historic Platinum Jubilee and that it will be a lasting legacy of the Queen’s historic achievement. I’m very much looking forward to being one of the 70 people who will launch the walk on 1st June”

Said Winthrop volunteer, Elizabeth Harwood “It’s been a delight to have helped to develop this very special walk to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It is 7 kilometres long – one for every decade of the Queen’s reign and takes in many of the very special and unique Wickersley landmarks. I’ve walked the route many times to check its suitability and will be very proud indeed to lead the walkers on this the official Launch of the Wickersley Platinum Jubilee Walkway”

Said Anna Chester, Winthrop Organiser “This has been a really exciting project on which to work. From the germ of an idea this walk has developed into one which will be a real tribute to the Queen’s historic achievement but also into a walk that residents of Wickersley and visitors to this remarkable village can enjoy for many years to come. It’s fantastic that so many people from so many different strands of the Winthrop and Wickersley communities will be helping us launch this walk. Seventy walkers – one for each year of the Queen’s reign – not forgetting ‘Orchid’ the dog who will be guiding Kath!”

Download their leaflet.

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