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Artist Henry George Glyde

Canada / Americas

A British-born painter and teacher, H.G. Glyde played a vital role in establishing Banff Centre’s visual arts programs, and he taught painting courses almost every summer here between 1936 and 1973. Over the course of his tenure, Banff’s painting programs evolved from dozens of students to hundreds. Currently Banff Centre welcomes over 3,000 artists from across all artistic disciplines annually with dedicated studio facilities and a public art gallery to support its visual and media artists. Glyde Hall, which opened in 1976, serves as a base for training and showcasing visual artists; it is named in honour of Glyde’s creative legacy.

Banff Centre was born in the Great Depression with a vision inspired by Alberta’s entrepreneurial spirit to develop creative potential in talented artists from Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Over the decades Banff Centre has grown from a few small chalets in the woods to a state-of-the-art global training centre, supporting and celebrating thousands of Canada’s unique creative voices. Banff Centre’s role as a specialized Arts and Culture Institution providing non-parchment programs in the arts and creativity, and in leadership development, mountain culture, and the environment will continue to attract and inspire artists and leaders, and drive the Centre forward.

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