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Eton Museum of Antiquities is housed in the Jafar Gallery and is part of the Bekynton Field Development (named after Thomas Bekynton (1390-1465), Bishop of Bath and Wells and secretary to Henry VI). It was designed by John Simpson, who also designed the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace in 2002. It contains Egyptian artefacts and other items given to the school over many centuries. Amongst the collection is the bequest of William Joseph Myers (1858-99), an Old Etonian, who saw service in the Zulu War and was later stationed in Cairo. He became interested in ancient Egypt in 1885, collecting until 1897. On returning to Eton, as Adjutant of the Cadet Corps, he housed his collection in his house and following his death, everything was bequeathed to the College. These included a Sistrum fragment of Senwosret I, a cosmetic tube of Amemhotep II, a pectoral ornament, a wire ring with Scarab, and a collar terminal of Tutankhamun. It was opened by HRH The Prince of Wales in June 2015.

  • Museum of Antiquities, Eton

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  • Museum of Antiquities, Eton

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