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Falklands Race Course

Falkland Islands / Americas

The Falklands Racecourse is used but infrequently, though there is invariably a two-day race meeting on 26 & 27 December, to which Islanders come in great numbers.  Here, in January 1957, Prince Philip was one of nine riders in the Sailors’ Annual Race.  He won by a length.   

It has been the scene of various curious incidents.  On 28 September 1966, in what was called Operation Condor, a small group of Argentinian nationalists highjacked an Argentinian plane and forced it to fly to the Falklands and land on the racecourse.  It contained  34 passengers including the military Governor of Tierra del Fuego and some journalists.  They proclaimed Argentinian sovereignty and took seven hostages.  After negotiations they all flew out on 1 October, returning to Argentina.  This led to secret discussions between Britain and Argentina concerning the possible transfer of Sovereignty. Sir Cosmo Haskard (1916-2017),  Governor of the Falklands between 1964 and 1970, was informed of the discussions and made it clear to the UK Government that the Islanders would never accept the plan.  The Falkland Islands Emergency Committee was established – eventually becoming the present Falkland Islands Association.  Lord Chalfont arrived in HMS Endurance from Montevideo, accompanied by journalists on HMS Endurance on 23 November 1968.  He came to persuade the Islanders to accept a change of sovereignty.  He soon found the Islanders set against the plan and presently took that message back to the UK Parliament.  An assurance was given that no decision would be taken without their agreement.  Chalfont worried about the damaging effect on Anglo-Argentinian relations.

  • Falkland Island Racecourse

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  • Falkland Island Racecourse

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