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Lady Thatcher Memorial

Falkland Islands / Americas

The Margaret Thatcher Memorial was unveiled in January 2015 when Sir Mark Thatcher, Bt, her son, visited Stanley.  It was sculpted by a local sculptor entirely from photographs.  Margaret Thatcher was born in 1925, entered the House of Commons in 1959, became Leader of the Conservative Party in 1975, and served as Britain’s first woman Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990.  In 1982 she heard that the Falklands had been invaded by the Argentinians.  Although she had no experience of war or the armed services, she took advice from men such as Admiral Sir Henry Leach, and despite opposition from some of her own Cabinet, despatched a Task Force to recapture Stanley for the British.  Once the decision had been made, she acted with supreme efficiency and determination.  She visited the Falklands in 1982 and again in 1992.  She was given the Order of Merit in 1990, created Baroness Thatcher in 1992, and made a Lady of the Garter in 1995.  She died in London on 8 April 2013, at the age of 87.

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