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Louis Trono Gazebo

Canada / Americas

Band leader Louis Trono played for visitors and local residents for most of his 94 years. His fans ranged from local labourers to visiting dignitaries – people who gathered at dance halls during the Depression, military socials in wartime, jams at clubs on Friday nights and star-studded parties at the Banff Springs Hotel on New Year’s Eve. Louis helped shape the character of Banff, and, more importantly, demonstrated how music can help us all remain, in the words of his favourite song, “Young at Heart”. The Louis Trono Gazebo is a tribute to Banff’s Music Man. It continues to attract musicians, school children and brides and grooms.

Did you know? Born in Bankhead to a pioneer family of Italian miners, Louis bought a mail-order trombone in 1923. After playing horn and mandolin in Major Bagley’s Band, he toured Canada with several orchestras before beginning a 45-year musical run in Banff.

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