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Neg Mawon Emancipation Monument

Dominica / Americas

The Neg Mawon Emancipation Monument commemorates the fighting maroons and the eventual emancipation of the slaves in 1838.  It stands opposite Peebles Park, a small oasis of calm close to the Bay.  

This is the Creole term for a maroon or ‘escaped slave’. There are place names, notably at Rosalie and behind Colihaut where maroons used to live which are still called Negre Mawon today.

Nearby is the Cenotaph, a memorial to those Dominicans who lost their lives in both World Wars of the Twentieth Century.  Nearby is a smaller memorial to the Free French who came to Dominica in 1940 from Guadeloupe and Martinique after the fall of France to Germany.  Dominica supported the Vichy Regime at first, but later US naval blockades forced them to switch allegiance to the Free French.


  • Image of Neg Mawon Memorial

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  • Image of Neg Mawon Memorial
  • Image of the Roseau war memorial

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