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Purana Qila is one of the oldest forts in Delhi, dating from the Pre-Mauryan period.  Within the old fort, is the museum, opened in 2005.  Excavations were carried out at Purana Qila by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1955 and again between1969 and 1973. The exhibits are largely based on the excavated materials. Evidence from the excavations revealed the earliest settlement at this site datable to around 1,000 BC, represented by painted grey ware and with a continuous cultural sequence from Mauryan to Mogul through the Sunga, Kushana, Gupta, Rajput and Sultanate periods.

The museum contains many interesting objects and fact sheets have been put on display including prehistoric tools which were found back to the Mauryan period (300 BC – 200 BC), the Sunga period (200 BC –  100BC) and the Saka-Kushan period (100 BC – 300 AD) and pride of place is given to Gupta period objects.  The museum has details of the Old Fort and Delhi in general.

The museum also has exhibits of antiquities that have been recovered from various parts of Delhi.

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