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The Evandale Council Chamber

Australia / The Pacific

The Evandale Council Chamber was opened in 2004. It is part of the Administration buildings, originally opened here in 1976.Early historical and archaeological records show the existence of a thriving Aboriginal community in the vicinity of Evandale. The land was selected in 1860 as farmland for cotton and then sugar cane, but later converted to dairying and other agricultural uses. In the 1960s the Gold Coast City Council purchased the farmland for the development of an arts and civic centre. The origins of the current local government can be traced back to the 1870s and by 1948 two councils ran the area that has become today’s city. South Coast Town Council became Gold Coast City Council in 1959, amalgamating with Albert Shire to form the single Gold Coast City Council in 1995. As City of Gold Coast, today’s council is the second largest in Australia, administering the nation’s sixth largest city.

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