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Chariott’s House.

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Joseph Chariott’s Charity Home is named after Joseph Chariott, the Victorian philanthropist, who came to Windsor as a young carpenter and became a successful builder and property developer. He was a member of the Congregational Chapel in William Street and in his will he gave land and money for a school and an almshouse. The British School, an elementary free school, on Victoria Street was demolished during the 1970s, but the almshouse, built in 1863 and named Chariott’s Charity, still provides homes for Windsor pensioners at a reasonable rent. (In 1924 there were almshouses for eight persons and they received five shillings a week). Apparently Joseph Chariott did not trust banks and kept all his money in his house. After his death in 1848 at the age of 91, sacks of coins were loaded onto a cart to be taken to the bank, on the way there, the bottom fell out of the cart due to the weight of the coins. It is also claimed that the upper floor of the British School on Victoria Road is haunted by Chariott’s footsteps.

  • Chariott’s House

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  • Chariott’s House

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