Fremantle Commonwealth Walkway

Australia / The Pacific

FREMANTLE Fremantle is the lively port city 30 minutes southwest of Perth in Western Australia, where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean.  Fremantle is one of Australia’s largest ports and an initial landfall for ships from Europe.  Before British settlement, the area was inhabited by the indigenous Noongar people and it was known as Wayalup – ‘the place of the woylie.’   In the 1600s it was visited by Dutch settlers. The city was laid out in 1829 and named for Captain Sir Charles Fremantle (1800-69), a British naval officer who took possession of the area around the river mouth in order to prevent French or US incursions there.  The city of Fremantle is fondly referred to as 'Freo' by the locals.  Fremantle is now a major industrial centre that manufactures superphosphate fertilizer, furniture, refined sugar, ships and many other products.  This pedestrian-friendly city with unique winding streets offers you a glimpse of a colonial and Gold Rush past in balance with a modern and vibrant present.  The first marker of the Fremantle Commonwealth Walkway was unveiled by HRH The Duke of York during his visit on 24 November 2018.   The Queen visited Fremantle in 1954, 1963 and 1977.  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Victoria Quay as Duke and Duchess of York in 1927. Fun Facts
  • The consistent breeze that blows to the shores of Fremantle harbour was christened as the “Fremantle Doctor”. These winds informed the position of the harbour as well as the City of Perth.
  • After hosting the America's Cup yachting race in 1987, Fremantle became a popular destination for yachters. 
  • Only the Hawaii surfing waters come close to contend with the waters surrounding the Fremantle harbour.
  • The harbour’s annual Fremantle Sardine Festival on Esplanade Park attracts thousands of seafood lovers every year.

1.2 miles / 2 kilometres

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